Trying to purchase 24 new Larks for Tufts Univ.

Ken Legler

Posted: 31 Aug 04 02:25
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My name is Ken Legler and I have been the sailing coach at Tufts University since 1980. We currently sail 20 Parker 1994 Larks (our 4th fleet) and are attempting to purchase 24 new Larks from Rondar. We are having a great deal of difficulty contacting Paul Young at Rondar. The phone number listed on their website doesn't seem to work from here and they do not respond to e-mails. I have been to the factory in Edington twice (while en route to the Wilson) and have met with Paul Young about the specs for our new boats. Can anyone in Great Britian please help me contact Rondar?

Ken Legler

Steve Cumley

Posted: 31 Aug 04 03:13
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I am sorry that you are having difficulty contacting Rondar.

Please will you e-mail me your telephone number to me ( and I will instruct Paul to phone you.

Many Thanks
Steve Cumley


Posted: 01 Sep 04 12:09
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As one of the nearest Lark owners to Rondar (10 mins away) I can also help if you need someone "on the ground"