Reefing a Lark

Peter Silburn

Posted: 24 Aug 09 21:54
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I recently bought a Baker Lark which I would like occasionally to sail single-handed.

Is it possible to reef the sails? Alternatively, is there a smaller set of sails which will fit the Lark?


Mark Ampleford

Posted: 25 Aug 09 12:33
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You could always use a firefly main if need be.

Peter Silburn

Posted: 25 Aug 09 20:38
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Thanks, I'll give that a try.


Garry Packer

Posted: 25 Aug 09 22:33
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If you can't get a Firefly sail try raking the mast back 60 - 100 mm, max cunningham, 40-50 (maybe 75)mm of prebend and shortening the spreaders to say 360mm (will they go in that much?)and see if that depowers the full sail enough in 12+ knots, below that you should be able to manage single-handed, unless you're really light. In which case eat more pies and drink more ale.

I used to use an old mirror main when i took the children out when they were very small, you're welcome to that as I don't use it anymore now the youngest is going on 18. Geting it rigged right is a bit of trial and error so the boom doesn't hang down.

I also got as far as pricing a set of reefing points but at 50 a few years ago I decided not to, but any sailmaker could put some in for you.

Peter Silburn

Posted: 27 Aug 09 20:53
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I'm a little on the heavy side (natural build, nothing to do with pies and beer) so adjusting the rig may be enough.

SD Sails quoted me 75 to add a set of reefing points.

Neil Barrett

Posted: 30 Aug 09 12:35
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Hi Peter,

I have a cutdown mainsail for a lark as used in team racing, the sails have not been used very much and are in good condition.
Ring me if you are interested on: 07784051014
or email me :



Paul Roe

Posted: 01 Sep 09 22:31
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With the very old larks with transom sheeting it was possible to furl the mainsail around the boom whilst keeping a piece of rope fitted as a kicker. It works but is not very good for sail shape.
Transom sheeting is good for sailing single handed: you don't have to move back to tack.

Chris Biglin

Posted: 02 Sep 09 12:08
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GP mainsails are a good option too, more plentful than Fireflies in my experience, but Neil's cut down mains in the classified section seem the perfect solution.

I wouldn't attempt roller reefing on a Lark, the compromised kicker would ruin any hope of a decent sail imo.

Peter Silburn

Posted: 03 Sep 09 19:19
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I've gone for the cutdown mainsail option. May get to try it out this weekend.