5th September


Posted: 27 Aug 04 07:41
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If you don't feel like travelling north or can only spare one day, come to the Shearwater Open on Sunday 5th September. Just off the A36 at Warminster, south of Bath.
Briefing 10:15am. First race 11:00a.m. Fast and slow handicap starts and barbecue lunch.
Full directions on www.shearwatersailingclub.co.uk or in your Lark Association handbook.

All welcome.


Posted: 27 Aug 04 03:33
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Not to be damp squib, but this is not an official lark circuit event and will not count towards the Belle Isle. Have fun if you are going!


Posted: 30 Aug 04 10:39
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We ought to be getting Larks out at as many regattas as possible to spread the word, albeit not at the expense of Lark events. CAn we consider publishing details of other complimentary events??


Posted: 31 Aug 04 09:57
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I agree with Chris, hence the invitation. The parochial stick in the muds on the committee wouldn't let us offer a Lark open as "there's not enough Larks sailing regularly" and I'd bet this attitude prevails through other clubs.
With 150 members sailing 38 different classes it's difficult to have any big group and limiting sailing to particular classes would be exclusive, which is against our club philosophy of being open to any monohull 16 foot or less (Landlord's rule) with sailing any day dawn to dusk.
Encouraging Lark sailing through the class seems the best solution.
Other views?

Steve Cumley

Posted: 31 Aug 04 12:02
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Please can I add a few comments to this interesting discussion?

1) I absolutely agree with Chris's comments about raising the Lark profile at other events. I believe that getting out and about will help demonstrate the appeal of the Lark to a wider audience. Please will readers suggest suitable events. Ones that spring to my mind straight away are the Hoo Freezer, Bloody Mary, Salcombe week, Camel week, Durban week, Steve Nicholson, Tiger Trophy and Southport.

2) The LCOA committee will read the suggestions people make and then publicise via the website recommended events that do not clash with Lark events. Recommending events will mean that we get the maximum possible Lark attendance and therefore the biggest impact.

3) Next weekend is the West Kirby event, which is a superb event and I would encourage as many people to travel up to it as possible. Tim and the team at West Kirby go out of their way to put on a fantastic event which I think is one of the best on the calendar.

4) On the 16th October I am organising a training event at Shearwater SC. This will be a repeat of the training we organised at Queen Mary Last year for boats outside the top 20 at the last nationals. Last years training was a lot of fun for all involved so come along on the 16th Oct to develop you boat speed/boat handling and to support Shearwater SC.

Hope to see you all at the weekend..... it is honestly worth the trip!