Wooden Decks - Rule Confirmation Please

4mm Ply

Posted: 17 Mar 04 04:38
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There's a rule that allows wooden decks provided they follow the same shape and do not add or remove any feature (or whatever it says I can't remember now...)
Is that correct regardless of Mk or maker of boat - Parker or Rondar?


Posted: 17 Mar 04 06:08
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Yes, that was always the case. It was not necessary to follow the design of any one incarnation either, many boats combined features from different vintages. I have often wondered what might now be possible in wood with the advent of the Rondar Mk2.

Robbins Super Elite 5mm

Posted: 18 Mar 04 02:52
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So you could build a Mk 2 Rondar deck layout into a Parker hull and have spinny bags... cool!

Two pack polyurethane varnish

Posted: 18 Mar 04 04:48
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You can build it out of 5mm Robbins Super Elite Ply, but you'll sink like a stone. I'll try a 4mm version.

Will get the chainsaw to my boat this weekend.