Advice on toestraps

Peter Hughes

Posted: 26 Aug 04 09:53
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I've been re-fitting my Parker Lark. It doesn't have the laminated-in floor stiffeners that many use to attach their straps.
Using the the thwarts seem to place the straps too high and using the centrboard case fillets alone gets the wrong angle. Placing another fixing low on the tank walls would get the position right but is this area strong enough? I remember the trouble we had on an early Lark with the tanks delaminating from the floor and I don't want to go there again thanks!
Grateful for any advice?

Posted: 27 Aug 04 09:11
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attach one end to centre stiffener 2ft from transom.
other end goes to bottom of centreboard case under thwart. elastic from strap to thwart keeps strap up and out.

don't think you want to be attaching toestraps to side-tanks! especially not parker ones - they flex enough anyway.

otherwise, look for replies messages by Garry - they usually contain links to photos....


Posted: 30 Aug 04 05:24
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If you follow the link from to the BCYC training photos 2004 buried in amongst the Enterprises are some photos of my Lark. Mine are attached as per the last post.


Posted: 30 Aug 04 05:46
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It looks like my sons moved them. I will get back when I find out where the've gone! Alternatively contact me via the Yachts and Yachting forum with your email and I will send the appropriate ones.


Posted: 30 Aug 04 07:30
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Follow the link from to the rigging photos.

I have also added some more scanned photos from the nationals, a few of the prize giving and one of Millie on her Birthday.