Help for a new owner in Ontario, Canada


Posted: 26 Aug 04 11:22
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I find myself a new owner of a lovely little imported Lark, 14-15 ft, fiberglass hull, and I know absolutely nothing. I don't sail (I wish I did) and just don't have the time to learn. She hasn't been in the water for a couple of years and deserves better. I should sell her but have only been able to find Lark info from the UK. Do they call the class something else in Canada? Does anyone know a Canadian website I could consult? Stupid questions I know, but you can tell I need help :-)


Posted: 27 Aug 04 03:35
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The lark is a British National class, hence why you can't find anything international. There are 18 nearly new larks at a University in Maine, looked after by Tom Sitzman, but they don't comply with Lark class rules and are used for team racing. Can't remember the name of the Uni I'm afraid, but Tom may see this. Not aware of any others outside the UK.....


Posted: 30 Aug 04 11:08
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Thank you Ruth. I have learned a littly more since I fist posted. Apparently I have a very bad eye...quite obviously she is 13'4" not the 14-15" I had guestimated. She was built by John Baker of Kenton Forge and signed for by Noel Dorsfold on August 14, 1970. Her number is 1831. She seems to be in good shape and is looking for a home if anyone knows of someone in Ontario who is looking...