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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 09:52
Just a quick note to say what a brilliant week-end it was. Thanks to Steve and Chris for all their time and effort. For all those not there....... you missed out!!!!
Author: Jonathan Lewis

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 11:45
what about some results & gossip, then? 
Author: Absentee

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 01:04
Definitely a great weekend, even when we had to chase after the moving marks! Still sorting the photographic evidence but will try to upload some to a photo site and post a link here.

PLEASE PLEASE can more Baker boats come along next time? Was the date wrong or just set up too late after holidays were booked? The short races, short courses format was ideal and as puddle hoppers we really enjoyed it and learned from the racing and the sail setting teach-in.

Thanks to Steve and co for all the organising and to everyone who made it fun to be there. Can we keep it as a regular event and get the date published early so we can book next year's holidays around it?

Well done all who took part, especially Antonia - a Lark star for the future? 
Author: Pat

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 11:50
Jon Lewis was very consistent all weekend, winning the majority of his rounds but in the all important Sunday final was beaten to the windward mark by Jon Fish. Bob Suggitt followed, with a Cox/Bennett battle completing the elite Gold flight.
Two (short) laps into the race JF hit the windward mark. JL was less than 360 degrees behind so took the lead and kept it, JF finishing second.
Smashie pulled up from 5th with a spectacular dive for the inside at a leeward rounding, taking water from Simon and then passing Bob to finish third.

The Silver fleet was won by Mark Ampleford who was the only other boat with reasonably consistent wins on day one. Having dropped from the Gold flight only in the final ‘snakes and ladders’ round, he won Silver convincingly. There was much place changing in the lower orders, with Chris Fish coming through to finish second, and Ben Biglin taking third from Geoff M (in the ex-Cumley 2413) in what would have been a photo finish if we had had a camera.

The lowest third of the fleet in the Saturday rounds were designated as Bronze and sailed the Sunday rounds as a points series, with Ben Biglin taking the honours.

Pete Vincent won a Duckhams ‘nasty pint’ for a perfect clove hitch using his tiller extension and someone else’s spinnaker sheet while rounding the windward mark, the win being secured by the resulting capsize. John Crooks tried hard for the nomination with the first (albeit conventional) capsize, and would have won for dropping a 15 tonne crane through a skylight if work related incidents were eligible.
Steve Cumley escaped a nomination for irreparably jamming up the prop of the Committee boat by driving over some rope as we thought his job was hard enough as it was – and he was getting p*ssed enough by himself anyway.
Jon Lewis gave an excellent talk on sail tuning at the end of Saturday’s sailing.
Pat and Sandy brought two boats, 40 & 2419, and proceeded to sail them both. Regrettably old boats were well outnumbered (both of them).

Mat Sherlock sourced excellent Barby fare, ably cooked by the Waldringfield boys and Ann Biglin, and there was even enough for an encore for Sunday lunch.

Apologies in advance for any factual errors as I am relying on my failing memory – the results are still on the table at Stewartby!!
Author: Chris

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 03:24
I just wanted to add my thanks to all who helped to organise at the weekend. Everybody said how much fun the style of racing was. There was no time to get bored or any processional sailing. The short courses meant you really had to be slick with your boat handling, which promted the helms to be even more vocal towards their crews - no names mentioned! I'm glad to see my bro's tactical move at the leward mark in the gold fleet final was mentioned, but I can't let it go without saying that it was my idea! Also we not only got water on Si but also Bob by ducking behind on port whilst they were too busy gybing from starboard. Before they realised what had happened it was too late! Let's just say that Si was not best pleased. But seriously it was great fun. Everyone enjoyed watching the other fleets race, which was good as well because you obviously don't normally get to watch everyone else. 
Author: Jenny

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 05:31
...well if we are blowing our own trumpets, first across the finish line was MY spinnaker pole, even if it was attached to Jon's boat. It is probably the fastest it has ever been! 
Author: Chris

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 06:17
I reckon my starting was the best it has ever been this weekend and lets face it there were plenty of races to practice it in!! Unfortunately we could rarely hold on to our position and kept dropping down the fleet - better boat handling just kept coming through (bloody Ampleford had to be in my league didn't he - how many times did you get us when it mattered!!).

Definately fantastic boat handling practice and I can also confirm that we are planning on having a similar, albeit one day event before an open meeting, next year. Current plans are to have it early in the year to sharpen us up for the season. Next year will also be the biennial (hope that means every 2 years?!) Masters Event, venue to be confirmed. 
Author: Ruth

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 23 Aug 04 07:35
Again, just echoing what a great weekend it was. Even from my static position on the committee boat/dory I felt that I really benefited from watching it all, seeing all the clever moves and tactics that won places in the different flights. Whilst congratulating Jon & Milly, big commiserations to John Fish who sailed a cracking race in the gold final. 
Author: Kate

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 24 Aug 04 09:31
re jon fish..... fully agree.
Author: jon lewis

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 24 Aug 04 09:55
....not forgetting his star crew! 

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Short Course Champs
Date Posted: 24 Aug 04 03:57
how could i ever forget my star crew?

dealing with that much 'noise' from the back of the boat can't be easy....

ps thanks all, and well done to the winners 
Author: fish

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