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Posted: 09 Aug 04 04:52
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Hello everyone,

do many people go to southport 24 hour race? I can't open the website at work so can't get any info on it at the moment. I'm from Sussex Uni and we're considering taking our (very old) lark up there for a laugh. How much is entry? Some mates from portsmouth Uni mentioned 100 but that seems a bit low.

also we don't have a trailer for our lark so is there anyone from our end of the country travelling up there?

cheers for any info you guys can give me....

Simon Cox

Posted: 09 Aug 04 04:55
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Drop me an email to and i'll send you a few more details. The entry is 195 but if you can raise funds for Sail4Cancer then the entry can be discounted. You will need to see the 24hr Race website for full details (

Typically the team should be around 8-10 people depending on the conditions and how much alcohol is consumed. It is also useful to have shore crew for moral support!

The Lark Association is very keen to help clubs enter boats and impart our knowledge of the event.


Steve Cumley

Posted: 10 Aug 04 12:21
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Southport is a top event...... well worth the money and the trip.

I have heard that several other unis are taking Larks this year so lucks like there might be a bit of competition!

I might be able to help get your boat there... or at least help make arrangements for somebody else to get your boat there. Give me a call on the number below and we can discuss further.

Steve Cumley
Lark Class Chairman
07980 267962

Steve Cumley

Posted: 10 Aug 04 12:26
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One other thing I forgot to mention. The Association is entering at least 3 teams so there will be plenty of us on hand to help tune your boat before it all kicks off.


Posted: 10 Aug 04 01:43
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thanks for all your feedback! you'll hopefully get phone calls/emails from either me or Jerry Collingwood, another member of our club.

Tuning - we'll need that as our lark is ancient and has undergone a large amount of repairs and is really heavy! anyone want to lend us any sails??? only joking, we're only really heading up there to take part and have a laugh rather than to win!

on the alcohol front - i'm sure we'll manage just fine! am i right in thinking that people don't usually sleep, just drink all night?

Posted: 11 Aug 04 09:10
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Depends how old they are!


Posted: 11 Aug 04 10:17
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well seeing as how we're all students......