Is this the oldest Lark in the world

Peter Reed

Posted: 03 Aug 04 03:13
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I am restoring Lark sail number 138 and wonder if this is the oldest one around.

It arrived on my driveway in a box of bits and i seem to have a mystery as to what goes where!

not telling you how much it will make you sick!


Posted: 03 Aug 04 03:26
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Sorry - you can't claim it as the oldest. We have Lark 12 - yep that's number TWELVE - sailing regularly at Frensham. Can anyone beat this?

Posted: 03 Aug 04 05:06
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I think number 8 is alive at Papercourt.


Posted: 03 Aug 04 11:06
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oh well, worth a try!

we still like our boat very much


Posted: 04 Aug 04 10:45
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Hoping to bring Lark 40 to the short course champs. Rondar refurbished and strengthened both 40 and 168 for our club last winter - they look great inside.

Can anyone within reach of Wiltshire lend a double trailer for the August 20/21/22 weekend as we'd love to bring 2419 as well!

Nigel Scott

Posted: 05 Aug 04 09:21
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We have a double trailer in Wiltshire that you can borrow as we can't make the short course champs as we will be in Canada. Give me a call on 01249 750540 tonight and we'll try and sort it out.


Lynda - crew of Lark 12

Posted: 12 Aug 04 12:50
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Lark 12 arrived in a similar state in 1991 (no hog, hull and deck disconnected, holes in the sides, etc), probably at a similar price! A full refurbishment and we have been sailing her most weekends competitively at FPSC club level and less competitively at a couple of Nationals.

If you get stuck with what goes where my Dad Phil,the helm and rebuilding expert, may well be able to help. e-mail me at and I can put you in touch.