Lost Property

Steve Chat

Posted: 03 Aug 04 08:37
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Did anyone bring back any unclaimed lost property from RTYC?


Posted: 03 Aug 04 02:38
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I lost a thin red-pink zip up hoody on measurement day, if anyone has it, could they let me know?




Posted: 03 Aug 04 04:21
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I picked up your jacket, will bring it to the short course event

Posted: 04 Aug 04 09:08
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...or do you mean the crew?


Posted: 05 Aug 04 04:06
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I lost a pair of tights with the crotch cut out that formed part of my sheep costume, if anyone came away with that.

Posted: 06 Aug 04 10:56
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We wont ask why the crotch had to be cut out for a sheep costume - were you a welsh sheep?