A Little Confused


Posted: 02 Aug 04 05:00
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After much discussion last week I have finally decided to bite the bullet and return to helming, I am a lot out of practice (my laser has been in retirement for 3 years) and I will probably need quite a bit of help and advice, but my first problem is getting hold of a boat, I have looked on the classifieds but I am a bit unsure of what to look for in Larks, could anyone point me in the right direction?


Posted: 03 Aug 04 10:26
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Depends on what you're after (pottering, club racer, open circuit, etc). Where are you based? We have a good selection of Larks old & new at Frensham (though none for sale that I know of) and we can give you loads of advice & pointers on what to look for & what to avoid.


Posted: 03 Aug 04 04:57
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I'm based up at West Kirby, looking to club race and move onto the circuit, as and when I've remastered racing from the back of the boat. Any tips would be gratefully received.


Posted: 03 Aug 04 07:39
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how much are you wanting to spend? You are looking at between 1800 and 2500 for a 2350 to 2400 ish boat depending on condition and what comes with it.

Chris Ellis

Posted: 03 Aug 04 09:53
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Caz Good news. To start with I would look for a Parker Mark 2 in the 2200s with as many bits as possible. You would expect to pay between 1000 and 1300 with everything together and all the bits - worth an advert on the Wanted section of this site. Definitely talk through any prospective boat with people in the know.

Good luck Chris