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Posted: 31 Jul 04 03:39
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Thank you to all who helped organise the week - it was an excellent championships! And well done to Sarah and Nigel!!

Posted: 31 Jul 04 04:24
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What a great week. Well done Sarah/Nigel for winning, Emma/Becky for winning the last race, and Steve Cumley for catching the little sod that was breaking into cars all week!

Jealous non-attendee

Posted: 31 Jul 04 07:04
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Congrats to Sarah and Nigel, but what was all the rest of the news and gossip?

Posted: 31 Jul 04 07:13
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can anyone remember the website address of the photographer


Posted: 31 Jul 04 08:28
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Well done to Sarah and Nigel and also to Nigel and Chris who came so close. That has got to be one of the most competitive nationals i've been to. What a week!

The photo's from Sunday and Monday can be seen on Lee Whitehead's website ( He's got some great shots.

See you all at the Short Course Champs...


ps. the full nationals results will be posted to the website in the next few days.


Posted: 02 Aug 04 06:04
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