Nationals - Friday Night


Posted: 20 Jul 04 09:42
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Will we be able to drop the boat of late friday afternoon / early evening? Will the RTYC bar be open?

Posted: 20 Jul 04 11:10
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Someones getting a bit over excited. Calm down you'll make yourself sick!

Posted: 21 Jul 04 10:20
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The last thing you want to do the night before the nationals is to go out drinking. You should be at home in bed by 8pm as it'll be the last good (sober) nights sleep you will get in a week.


Posted: 21 Jul 04 11:07
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I should think so because it was when we came down the Friday evening before the Torquay open. The bar was open and there was a geezer to open the gate to the sea wall. Maybe give them a ring.....


Posted: 21 Jul 04 12:21
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I actually want to avoid having to store the boat for one night at the campsite. Additionally the crew can polish the bottom after he's bought me a drink.

Posted: 21 Jul 04 02:35
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Polishing the bottom. Now there's a game for the crews union.