Spinnaker Patches

jonathan Lewis

Posted: 19 Jul 04 02:35
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Does anyone have any thoughts on whether two patch kites are better than one?


Posted: 19 Jul 04 02:38
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Years ago 2 patches were preffered but thing may have changed.

P.S. are you the J Lewis from Midland S.C about 12 years ago?

Mark Ampleford

Posted: 19 Jul 04 03:23
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I have tried both. On the MK2 boats two seems to work fine. On the new ones the kite bunches a little on the way into the chute with two patches. Since all new boats run the kite down into the cockpit a few of us have used elastic to pull the kite forwards and out of the way. In a Mk 2 if you pull it down inside the deck then you may as well have one. If it was me and the spinny went into the cockpit I'd use two.


Posted: 19 Jul 04 04:42
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It can be really difficult to get the kite in and out of the chute with two patches. Safer option is one patch (use elastic if you like). It also does less damage to the sail.

There has to a reason why we don't all use twin patches anymore... progress!

jonathan Lewis

Posted: 19 Jul 04 05:09
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To, Adrian,

Might be ! Depends on what i've done !!!


Posted: 19 Jul 04 05:18
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Hi Jonathan,
Glad to see your in a Lark ....looking for one myself.

Adrian Padro!


Posted: 20 Jul 04 09:41
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I was wondering if I knew Adrian. Another Shustoke Lark would be nice.

I have always used two patches but tried going back to a single for the Rondar boat. Didn't like it and had it changed back to two.

I can lend you a two patch to try Jon if your haliard is long enough.


Posted: 22 Jul 04 03:18
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He's not changed much although I don't think he has had a crew jump out for at least 20 years....