Your Class Needs You!

Nigel Scott

Posted: 16 Jul 04 09:19
Message ID: 134
It is a week to the Nationals and your class needs you like never before. We are currently looking like 48 or 49 entries for the Nationals and we must all leave no stone unturned to get the turnout over 50.

For those of you that don't know Yachts & Yachting do a big feature on those classes that achieve over 50 boats as being the key sucessful classes, which last year we featured in. It is of vital importance that we once again get over 50 boats.

So if you are reading this and you have not entered, but have a vague thought that you might enjoy the Nationals but thought you would leave it to another year, this has to be your year. Likewise if you know someone in your club that you could persuade to come (even for a few days rather than the whole week), please get them to give me a call on:

01249 750540
07767 775870

I also have spare boats that people could borrow.

So common everybody, lets show what the Larks are made of and get the Nationals turnout over 50.

Look forward to hearing from you,