Ia a Lark suitable for a real lightweight Crew


Posted: 13 Jul 04 11:34
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Having not sailed Larks for about 12 years, I'm trying to remember if a Lark is suitable for my 12 year old (7 stone) daughter. I am slightly heavier at nearly 15 stone?!

Is there many youngster currently in the Lark fleet?



Posted: 13 Jul 04 12:00
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I have no problems sailing with my son who only weighs 40Kg (6 stone) and I weigh twice that about 85Kg (13.5 Stone).


Posted: 13 Jul 04 01:05
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A lot of people club race Larks with their children and we have two under 18's who reguarly compete (depressingly successfully) at open meetings. The only problem kids may have is reaching the hook on the mast when hoisting/dropping the kite!

A Perfectionist

Posted: 13 Jul 04 01:24
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15 Stone Plus 7 Stone = 22 Stone

= Perfect Lark Racing Crew weight !!!

-> See Previous Nationals winning Teams!

The Observer

Posted: 13 Jul 04 03:51
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The Lark can be raced with a lightweight crew, and as previously mentioned, very successfully, the Lark is one of the classes that permits quite a range of weights - I wouldn't recommend over 23 stone really, but anywhere between 21-23 is ideal...

Tis best to have a lightweight crew, as the Lark can nosedive in waves as some found out at the Nationals last year... (Sorry Jon/Becky)


Posted: 13 Jul 04 04:31
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Thanks for the feed back, next step is the Classfieds.


Posted: 14 Jul 04 11:21
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7st crew should be fine, problem is the pole in the breeze...

the bigger problem is that at 15st, you really have to get your 'tiny' bottom forward in the light stuff!
not sufficient to put one leg either side of the thwart...thinks like hoops aren't useful for this!


Posted: 20 Jul 04 09:14
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I find if I let the uphaul right off Richard can get the pole on. The big problem is the load on the spinny sheets and persuading him to get his bum in and set the pole (he has no confidence his Dad will spill wind and keep the boat flat(ish) if he's not hiking hard). Can you get through deck mounted ratchet blocks?

We went for a gentle sail on Sunday, he seems to be fit enough although he hauled in the kite and tried to sleep broad reaching - I cured that by making him helm and got poked in the eye with the tiller extension for my trouble (must remember to take the shorter one for the crews race otherwise I'll return with blackeyes!)

He was doing wheelies on his bike so there can't be any problems in the stomache department!

I liked Ruth and Rachel's crewing piece - totally untrue of course - Richard didn't seem to understand it so I think I need a volunteer to educate him at the Crew's Union - But please remember he's not 16 yet and still (I persume) a virgin - first nationals:-) . I think I'll have to get together with Pete and Simon to put the Helm's (correct) perspective.