Refitting a parker lark

Philip Cosson

Posted: 12 Jul 04 08:34
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I had an old baker lark, no. 233 I think. It sadly found its way to the tip last month due to three bad cracks in the centreboard case, that had been repaired more than once, but with no success.

I now have all the bits, and a new hull no 2252. This is a parker. I'm not wanting a complex rig and I want to use as many of the old baker bits as possible. My question is - can I attach the Jib sliding fairlead and cleat to the rounded side decking? The decking does not seem that strong.

If not - how do I proceed? I can't get my head around barber haulers etc. and there are 3 Baker larks but no parkers at my club (Scaling Dam)

Finally - I need a lark mast, Mine is not standard length and it has a highfield lever for tentioning the Jib halyard just in the wrong place for the deck to be. Anyone got one?




Posted: 12 Jul 04 09:14
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The fairleads can be fitted, you put them on top of the sidetanks. Parkers put wood under the tank so you had something to screw into.


Posted: 12 Jul 04 10:56
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I know sail and hull numbers don't necessarily match - but my Sail number is 2252 (the hull number is GWP932 or similar). But I don't see how Parker could have got up to a hull number of 2252 When we're only in the 2400s now.

This seems a bit puzzleing!


Posted: 12 Jul 04 11:00
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Barber Haulers are fairly straightforward to use and easier to fit.

Posted: 12 Jul 04 09:21
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I think that you will find your hull is 2258 ;)
The metal tracks will go on the side tanks.



Posted: 13 Jul 04 10:36
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Parkers built from just under no. 2000 to something like 2450.

You must remember that very few boats were built in the years before the change to Rondar.

Steve Cumley

Posted: 13 Jul 04 01:15
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The last two Parker hulls are owned by leeds University and are numbers 2453 and 2454. They were fitted out by P&B ready to be sailed at the Penzance nationals in 1998.



Posted: 13 Jul 04 08:31
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Hi everyone,

Sorry to cause confusion with the wrong number. I have 2258.

This boat now almost floats, just some fibreglass finishing tommorrow morning and we will be in the water!

Thanks for the comments about the jib fairlead position. We used some mahogany stips inside the bouancy tanks to screw the fairlead tracks to. The position is great. We also rigged an end main sheeted to the centre - so I'l be learning a new technique.

Many thanks Chris, and you can be shure as you float fishy fingers, that 2258 is also getting back into the water - would still like a new mast though if anyone has one.



Posted: 14 Jul 04 09:09
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Try Chris Martin at Midland (see classifieds section), they have a couple of abandoned hulls which I dont think are worth recovering but one has a decent mast.

Simon Cox

Posted: 14 Jul 04 07:37
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The classified section is definately the place to look. Should you need any parts I can almost certainly help you out. I have a number of super-stiff centreboards (new and refurbished) and a straight, second-hand mast and a boom. Drop me an email to if you are interested.