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Is it a Lark?
Date Posted: 11 Jul 04 10:10
My father has just got hold of a hull (bare hull, no mast, boom, rigging etc.) which, from his description, sounds like a Lark.

I'm completely new to Larks, but am keen to do it up. As soon as I get some photos of the hull perhaps I could ask you people just to confirm whether it is a Lark or not. In the interim, it has the number "10215" etched into the hull - would this make sense given the production numbers?

Thanks in advance (and if it is a Lark, there'll be many many more questions!)

Author: David

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Is it a Lark?
Date Posted: 11 Jul 04 10:51
With a hull number 10215 it won't be a Lark. We are only just up to 2495! Has it got a rounded hull or corners? 

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Is it a Lark?
Date Posted: 12 Jul 04 07:58
Maybe its a 420? The hull shape is very similar although the side decks are very different. Who's the builder? I would suggest posting a photo on both the Yachts and Yachting forum and the dinghy magazine forum - someone will recognise it. 
Author: Garry

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