Nationals - crew problems


Posted: 02 Jul 04 08:09
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My son has just had an emergency appendectomy. This leaves me with a problem for the nationals. If the wind is light he may well be up to doing some of the races, but if there's any breeze I don't want to risk further damage. Is anyone going who would be happy to step in for the occassional race if needed (I am as happy crewing as helming)? Are there likely to be any light jobs he could do so he doesn't feel excluded from the event? And is the race committee going to be happy with me possibly chopping and changing crew?


Jo Pass

Posted: 06 Jul 04 08:24
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I am not sure the following is a solution to your crewing problem, but atleast I'm honest!!

I am an absolute novice but I am really keen. I have been out in a lark probably half a dozen times but never in a race. Learning to fly the Spinnaker is a work in progress!?! and I get nervous, but my confidence is building. On the positive's I can tack and gybe and am reasonable at moving about the boat to balance it.

So if your son is not very well and the conditions are suitable for a enthusiastic beginner and you don't mind going out with a complete novice. I will be at the National's all week and would love the chance to crew. Jo Tel:07812 511468

Steve Cumley

Posted: 06 Jul 04 05:56
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Because of your extraordinary circumstances I am sure that you will be permitted to change crews depending on your sons condition.

This obviously does not give free rain for other competitors to take a heavy weather and a light weather crew...... especially when we are desperately searching for crews to match with helms.

Steve Cumley
Lark Class Vice Chairman


Posted: 06 Jul 04 06:35
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Thanks Steve, obviously I hope he will be fit enough to sail, even if he can't hike very hard (stopping him will be the problem). I don't expect to be anywhere near the front (although you never know) as our boat handling leaves a lot to be desired and we don't have that elusive boat speed sussed yet. Its the taking part that's important.

If you're having problems getting regular crews then I won't have much luck, although Jo's volunteered her services.

Richard was discharged this morning and is looking much better, so fingers crossed.