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Rigging a spinnaker
Date Posted: 01 Jul 04 04:39
How far back should the spinnaker sheet blocks be from the transom? On classes like Merlin Rockets/Scorpions they have them a long way forward?

I'm not convinced that having them 30-40cm from the transom is the right place?

Any ideas or suggestions.
Author: Confused

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Rigging a spinnaker
Date Posted: 02 Jul 04 08:22
Most boats have them a foot or two forward of the transom. As the spinacker sheets catch under the boom on the way past I do not think it is crucial to have them that far back so stick them far enough forward so there is absolutely no chance of sticking them around the transom or on top of the boom. 
Author: Mark Ampleford

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Rigging a spinnaker
Date Posted: 02 Jul 04 09:56
more like 100cm in my experience 

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Rigging a spinnaker
Date Posted: 02 Jul 04 06:49
I agree with Mark to have the lead far enough forward so the sheet doesn't get caught around the boom. You can also control this by having minimum length spinnaker sheets, probably with a stop knot

For me the other crucial factor for positioning the sheet block has been the angle created at the spinnaker clew. The sheet and its extention needs to disect the angle of spinnaker leach and foot on a close reach. Similar to the positioning of the spinnaker pole. Setting it up on a close reach is the key. This angle can of course be controlled by the length of the twinning line, which unfortunatly will probably pull the sheet towards the boat as well. This however, makes the positioning of the block less crucial.

The other consideration is to have the block as far outboard as possible, which means coming further forward, unless you have a floating block system outboard! This doesn't work for me.

Just some thoughts, I'm sure there are many more. 
Author: Chris Ellis

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Rigging a spinnaker
Date Posted: 05 Jul 04 09:06
Rondar fit them on the gunwhale of the new boats 24 inches from the transom 
Author: Chris

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