Lark spares

Richard Bonner

Posted: 23 Jun 04 06:48
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I am finding it hard to find spares for larks in general.I have an old lark 1022 and am looking for various parts but am stuggling. Also as I am new to larks has anyone got some pictures of the best way to rig them

No Probs

Posted: 24 Jun 04 11:55
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What bits do you need and why haven't you put a WANTED ad on the classified section of this site?
General bits are easy from the likes of
Northampton sailboats (
or Pinnell and Bax (
It's only such bits as hulls and centreboards that are more difficult!


Posted: 24 Jun 04 06:35
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If you let me know your email addresss I can send you some for a later Lark (2252)

Albert Steptoe

Posted: 25 Jun 04 08:36
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What is it you want. We have some old lark masts knocking about under the club house. I think there is a boom or two and maybe an old spinny pole.

Posted: 25 Jun 04 01:19
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Hi Garry
My e mail is

Many thanks Richard

Posted: 25 Jun 04 01:20
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I am looking for any parts for the spinnaker and a rudder as mine is a bit tired !!!

Regards Richard


Posted: 26 Jun 04 12:20
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I'm at the club on Sunday, will dig around and let you know on Monday. I'll chek with the flag oficers as to what i can have/take if anything looks decent.

Pete Vincent

Posted: 29 Jun 04 12:17
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I have a decent Lark mast missing some rigging but we could soon sort that. Also have a pile of useful second hand fittings if you want to e-mail me a list of what you need I will see what we can find.