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Date Posted: 22 Jun 04 09:01
Hello all i am being cheeky and asking if any one knows of a "decent" lark hull for sale ie no leaks. I have Lark 784 and i am sorry to say she has had her time!!!

So if anyone knows of a hull going for sale could you please let me know ta.


Ps What is the best way to depose of a hull? i was thinking local tip.
Author: Tim

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Date Posted: 23 Jun 04 09:01
I'm selling 990 which has a lovely stiff hull, better than most Bakers I've seen. I just hadn't got round to putting it on the web yet. pat.jones@salisbury.ac.uk 
Author: Pat

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Date Posted: 23 Jun 04 09:31
I can let you have the hull from 2007 very cheap.
Drop me a line if it is of interest.

See also Chris Fish's ad in the classifieds. 
Author: Chris

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Date Posted: 23 Jun 04 03:54
You could always fill it with compost and plant up some nice daliahs or something 
Author: Bob

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