Hoodwinked? Be careful when buying.


Posted: 13 Aug 07 10:55
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I have have just bought Lark 2229 (via this site as it happens). Although it was sold as an ex university boat I thought it should have a Parker Hull (and the seller said it was) if advertised as Lark 2229, but has the jb initials on it. I take it this is a Baker Lark and I have been hoodwinked and a little naive? Thankfully I didn't pay the earth for it.

Nigel Scott

Posted: 13 Aug 07 12:02
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This sounds extremely like a Baker boat, hence the JB initials. Sadly many people don't know the boat number of the boat they are selling and assume that the number on the sails relates to the boat number. This happens because many older boats buy second hand sails and do not change the numbers on their sails, this is particularly true in the case of University boats. The only definitive record of a boats number is on a little plate on the boat or on some boats the number is painted in white inside the transom.

Unfortunately, as you can image the class cannot vet adverts on this site for boats and validate their numbers, however given your experience we might add a little pictorial guide on how to identify you boat number to both sellers and buyers. Failing this all I can say is get them to e-mail some photos and any of the contacts in the Lark Class would be able to helps you.

Sorry you had a bad experience,

Nigel Scott


Simon Cox

Posted: 13 Aug 07 01:49
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This is a good point.

Can I recommend that anyone selling old sails remove all numbers from the sails. Replacement numbers are not expensive from sailmakers. The onus is then on the new owner to get the correct numbers for their boat.

We recently had a drive to ensure that the correct numbers were on all boats at the nationals and this also goes some way to reducing the chances of this happening in future.



Posted: 13 Aug 07 07:18
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But was it a Parker mark 1? Made using the JB moulds.
I'll do some interior pictures of our four Larks and send to Simon for the web. The design of the interior tanks was varied three or four times on Bakers so is a good clue to boat age.

Chris Biglin

Posted: 13 Aug 07 08:41
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No Parker boats had the jb logo.

There is a significant difference in age (and value)between a Baker and a 2200 Parker. Even in a private sale, the seller is not allowed to misrepresent the product. If the price you paid is not appropriate to the value of a Baker in that condition then I would go back to the seller.

The number should be engraved on the inside of the transom. If it isn't then it probably was a University boat.


Posted: 14 Aug 07 09:32
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The boat was touted as a University boat and I can't find any reference to the boat number on the hull. I didn't pay much for it thankfully and the parts alone have value if the hull sinks when I try and sail it on Saturday. I would have been happy with the price if it was advertised as a Baker but I thought I had updated my Lark moving ever closer to a Rondar (one day). Just leaves a bitter aftertaste thats all. Thanks for all of your comments.

Paul Shaw

Posted: 21 Jul 14 22:41
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Hi Rob,
(If you're still here after seven years!)
I seem to have recently acquired your "JB Lark 2229" - from a builder in Northampton who said he got it in exchange for some work he did.
......so it didn't sink that first Saturday :-)
Did you get anywhere with establishing it's true identity?
(I don't understand why ex-university boats lack numbers on the hull - maybe students can't count.)
It's in reasonable condition for its age - I just wanted it to introduce wife and teenage son to sailing....not sure if they'll take to it.
It looks as though it might have been modified for single-handed sailing and seems to be lacking spinnaker and pole.
Can you shed any light on its history and any foibles?
Paul Shaw

Raymond Tredoux

Posted: 28 Jul 14 16:04
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I can't speak for anyone elses boat, but mine has a 5 digit number carefully engraved into the inner gunnel under the port shroud fixing. its the only number on my hull, since this is an ex university boat. do you have a number engraved into the head of the mast?