PY for single-handed Lark sailing

Peter Travers Northampton SC

Posted: 16 Jun 04 10:09
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Is there anyone with a inkling of what a single-handed Lark's PY should be, assuming the spinnaker is not flown. Having been yelled at by a GP sailor last weekend for calling for water when, in his opinion, I couldn't be racing because a single-handed Lark doesn't have a PY (my crew had rebelled), I approached my RCS to request the sailing committee to declare one. The RCS is a Lark sailor too so he has a vested interest, but any advice would be appreciated. We're also thinking of running a single-handed Lark series. The enthusiasm of Northampton SC's new and growing Lark fleet knows no bounds!

PS. I used to be a GP sailor, maybe the individual in question was bitter at my leaving.


Posted: 16 Jun 04 10:45
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In old money when the mirror was 146 a single-handed mirror was 144, but they were allowed to use a spinnaker......


Posted: 17 Jun 04 08:22
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At Banbury SC we have a local PN for a S/H lark of 1060 (i think/i'm sure).

He beat me in very fickle conditions a few weeks ago, i must check the PDO's maths!

Steve Cumley

Posted: 17 Jun 04 12:32
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Barnt green have a formula. I'll find out what it is and post it up.... unless anybody else beats me to it.


Posted: 18 Jun 04 09:14
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We have a club rule that says double handed boats sailed single handed add 40 to their Prtsmouth handicap.