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Posted: 16 Jun 04 08:04
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My young brother has recently acquired an 'elderly' lark with only the basic of fittings.
Can anyone advise of a photo gallery which might act as a guide to help him (us) refurbish the rigging and fittings.

Thanks in anticipation

Mike S.


Posted: 16 Jun 04 10:05
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I have some photos I can send about 13mb! Simon's guide is also good even though not specific to the older boats.

Where are you based as I'm sure someone can help you out.



Posted: 17 Jun 04 10:18
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Your best bet is to come along to the Short Course Champs at Stewartby in August as there will ne lots of 'elderly' Larks there to compare her with.


Posted: 18 Jun 04 02:24
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Reply to Gary:-

e-mail address is: michael.stevenson@mwkl.co.uk. Any photos will be greatly appreciated.


Mike S.

Richard Bonner

Posted: 24 Jun 04 05:36
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Gary if possible can you send the photos to me as well
Many thanks