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Competitive Parker Mk 2 2441 "Eric" in good racing condition.

Reluctant sale - I just haven’t had enough opportunity to sail her with 2 small children and a small business. She deserves a proper work out :+)

As good a Parker Mk2 as you will find and fully racing rigged. Drop me an email for full spec but basics are:

• Two mains, two jibs and one spinnaker (and pole etc.) in reasonable racing condition.

• Two rudders - a good condition Milane’s fixed and a standard lifting one. As new P&B rudder covers for both.

• Good condition combi trailer

• Recently bought P&B boom up cover and reasonable under/ over P&B trailing covers


Seller: Stephanie Pritchett
Viewing Location:
Bristol, United Kingdom

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Mobile Phone: 07855 853424


  Ref: 963
Date Posted: 13 May 13
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