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Helly Hensen/GJW Lark Winter Championship 2016

14th November

For the second year round Staunton Harold (RYA club of the year 2014) hosted the 2016 Lark Winters. The conditions were forecast to be light for the weekend and certainly were!

Race one began with Stuart and Nick Hydon taking the lead narrowly from Harry Pynn /Gemma Cook. During the race the Hydo... more

Universities fleet racing championships

08th November

The Larks proved to be the third most popular choice of boat in the slow handicap at this year’s BUCs fleet racing championships (the only time of the year that universities let their sailors loose in anything more exciting than a Firefly). Durham, Portsmouth and Plymouth all had Lark representative... more

2017 GJW Lark Nationals Entry Now Open

05th November

Entry for the 2017 GJW Lark Nationals has now opened on the Lark Class Website. Register now and pay before Jan 31st to get an Early Bird Discount. As a special incentive to encourage early entry, the Lark Class Owners Association are al... more

Salcombe Open - cancelled

29th September

If you are thinking of coming to the Salcombe Open on 8/9 October 2016, sadly it has had to cancelled, as we only had 2-3 boats able to go. While many Lark sailors told us they would have loved to have come, most had other commitments.

Given the loss of Weymouth and Plymouth, we felt it was impo... more

2017 Lark Nationals Dates Confirmed

14th September

The Lark Class is pleased to announce that the 2017 Lark Nationals at Brixham Yacht Club from 12th to 15th August. The Larks last visited Brixham for the 2009 nationals. Get booking you accommodation now!... more

Salcombe open replaces Plymouth Open

13th September

Following the cancellation of the Open at Plymouth (due to RPYC cancelling the Final fling), we have managed to organise an alternative event at Salcombe on 8/9 October.

We will share with a Solo Open already being held.

For those who don't know it, Salcombe is a wonderful place for sailing ... more


Date Event
28 Jan to 28 Jan Steve Nicholson Trophy Northampton SC
29 Jan to 29 Jan Frensham 5-1 Frensham Pond SC
4 Feb to 5 Feb Tiger Trophy Rutland SC
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