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2018 Waldringfield Cartoon Open

09th September

The Lark circus descended on Waldringfield on the 8th and 9th September for the annual Cartoon Open Meeting. A strong fleet of both locals and visitors had been expertly assembled by Simon Cox and Dan Watson in anticipation of the usual close racing for which Waldringfield is renown. The fleet were... more

Barnt Green Cancelled

29th August

The open meeting at Barnt Green scheduled for 13th October has been cancelled as there will not be enough water by then.... more

© Dan Watson

2018 Lark Nationals at Sidmouth Overall

22nd August

Following another “legendary” fancy dress party, the sailors awoke to sore heads – but no wind. Racing was initially postponed, but with the wind averaging 3mph by late morning– and very little gradient wind around - the decision was made to cancel the final 2 races of the championship. This meant C... more

Chris and Nic White Crowned National Champions

21st August

With no racing on day 4 of the 2018 Lark Nationals, Chris and Nic White are confirmed as national champions!

Congratulations to Chris and Nic on a well deserved win which follows on from Chris winning the GP14 worlds 2 weeks ago.

Full results are on the Sidmouth Sailing club website at http://... more

2018 Lark Nationals at Sidmouth Day 3

21st August

This Lark Nationals has been a reunion for many returning Larkies [writes Simon Cox]. As I write this report on Tuesday morning with a very foggy head, I am reminded of why Lark socials have become the thing of legend and why the class is still held in such high esteem by so many sailors over the ye... more

2018 Lark Nationals at Sidmouth Day 2

22nd August

For day two of the Lark Nationals gusts of 25mph were forecasted. Once launched it was apparent that the wind was less than forecasted.

Race 3 – The wind started with a force 4. Chris & Nic White managed to take the early lead, with Dave Young and Mya Peterson close behind. With big shifts during... more


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