New Winder Larks Storm the Podium at Rock Great 8

04th May

May Bank holiday saw the first sea open of the Lark season at Rock, sponsored by Helly Hansen and GJW Direct. All eyes were on how well the first two new Larks from Winder would perform.

And what an entrance! Race 1 saw Nigel Hufton and Matt Wood start early and cross the fleet, stor... more

© Nigel Scott

Great 8 Round 2: Frensham Report

11th April

Frensham Pond Sailing Club have been holding an Annual Lark Open Meeting since 1968. The magnificent trophy, which reads like a Hall of Fame, is a target for all Lark sailers. This years edition, held on Sunday 10th April, was held in blustery and shifty conditions, testing the fleets boat handling ... more

© Alexis Smith

Waldringfield Easter Egg

11th April

9th and 10th April

For the first time ever Waldringfield Sailing Club's prestigious Easter Egg Open Meeting was moved from the traditional Easter weekend to 2 weeks later in the hope of better weather. This decision paid dividends with 2 days of blustery force 4 racing including a gli... more

© Frensham Pond SC

Great 8 Round 2: Frensham

28th March

Hope you are looking forward to our Lark Open on Sunday 10th April. Here are our Open details, that we are sharing with the Phantoms.

Frensham Pond SC Lark Open Meeting
Sunday 10th April, 2016

One of the Lark Helly Hansen Great 8 Series

Rules: The ... more

Hydon and Brickwood win Great 8 at South Staffs

20th March

18 Larks graced the South Staffs SC water amidst sunny conditions albeit with the absence of much wind. Not only was it the first competition of the Helly Hansen Great 8, but it was also the inaugural launch of the much awaited first winder Lark owned by Steve and Ally Hall.

The first... more

© Harry Pynn

Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace 5th and 6th March

28th February

Next up is the dinghy show on 5/6 March at Ally Pally in North London. Come and see Steve Hall's brand new Lark from Winder Boats, the first Lark ever to be built in Yorkshire and the start of a new exciting era. Whether you are a Lark sailor current, past or future, we would love to see you!
... more


Date Event
4 Jun to 5 Jun Open Meeting - Great 8 Marconi SC
25 Jun to 26 Jun Inland Championships Great 8 Alton Water Sports Centre
9 Jul to 10 Jul Open Meeting Weymouth SC
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